Records, Regrets and Resolutions

I’ve always loved the New Year.  You get to think about all of your successes, your failures and the things you want to improve on moving forward. I know you can stop and reflect at any time of the year, on any day, but there is something so intentional about the new year.

I usually start my “New Year’s Reflection Time” by thinking of my successes because it just improves my entire outlook on the upcoming year. I love to think of what I accomplished and then I can give myself a little pat on the back for working so hard toward some of my goals. When I make goals, I like to set the bar high. I dream big and then I get to work and I try to make these dreams a reality. This past year, one of mine and Tim’s biggest goals was to become Senior Executive Director (SED) in Monat, and we did that! I can’t tell you how good it feels to look back and realize that your biggest goal was accomplished. We worked our butts off for that goal, sometimes working so hard that I would forget to eat (I don’t recommend this) but nonetheless, we reached this goal!

Another goal we had set for ourselves last year was to see our team hit a record amount of sales. By working tirelessly with them and motivating them to keep up the energy even when they had tough days, we were able to blast past this goal, reaching an all-time high of over $2 million in sales…per month! Tim and I were so impressed with our team and all the hard work that they did this past year.

Our 2018 Monat goal is a big one. Now that we are at the job level that we want to be at, our aim is to be part of the Million Dollar Club. The Million Dollar Club is for those people in Monat who have earned a million dollars since working for the company. Only a handful of people have earned their spot in this “club” but I know that if we work hard enough we can make it happen for us. We’ve been working hard to make sure that the money we earn does not go to waste. We’ve been able to double the mortgage payments on our house and put a lot away into savings for our kids for the future. When we hit the Million Dollar Club, we plan to increase our savings instead of spending all our hard earned money. Since our kids are our biggest priority, we want the money we make now to be there for them in the future. 

Some dreams, like hitting SED or improving the team’s sales records became a reality. Even though I am proud of the improvements in my life from 2017, I know I didn’t achieve every goal I set out for myself and I’ll have to keep working on them. But that’s the beauty of a new year! I can keep working on it.

In 2017, I really wanted to do a better job at eating healthy and getting the proper exercise into my routine. Although I did make progress, I still have a long way to go. For 2018, instead of just trying to make this happen on my own, I decided to join a gym with Tim so that we could keep each other accountable.  We joined a gym near our house called 02 Wellness. We picked this gym because it was more than just some gym equipment in a building. They have grocery shopping guidelines that you can use and they help you come up with a nutrition plan for healthy eating! Joining this gym has taught me how to make healthier food for my family. 

Seeing my kids grow up to be healthy and active and enjoy life as much as I do is a big goal of mine for the new year. Tim and I started a tradition in 2017 where we put away our phones each night between 5 and 8 pm so that we could spend time together as a family. My kids love it when we spend time as a family without any distractions. The messages can wait and the work that needs to be done can be put on hold but my kids will keep growing and time doesn’t stop for them so I want to enjoy every minute I have with them.

Don’t let yourself lose momentum on your goals for the new year. It’s easy to lose hope in your dreams and forget your resolutions. So many people talk about how resolutions only last a month…DON’T let this be you!! Say NO! You are in charge of your resolutions and making sure they happen. Stay motivated! Keep going even when it is tough and you will be so proud when you look back at the end of the year and you can see all that YOU accomplished! It is WORTH IT!

Even if your goals seem small (like eating healthy), don’t let negativity tell you that your goals don’t matter. Even the smallest goals are worth something if it’s what you want. It’s worth pursuing if you know that it will make you a better you. Put in place some accountability to make sure that you don’t forget about your goals. Dream big and work hard, the year ahead is yours for the taking. Make it happen. What will you do with your year?

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