Leadership Lessons in San Francisco

This past weekend Tim and I found ourselves at the airport (yet again) with Eva in tow. We were heading off to the Monat Leadership Summit and I couldn’t wait to get out of Nova Scotia’s rainy weather and into the sun in San Francisco. Eva has become quite a world traveller now and even got her very own seat now that’s she 2 years old!

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I caved and got her a Starbucks…you can never start too early on good coffee, right? Just kidding, it’s only steamed milk!

Going to the annual Leadership Summit always inspires me. Apart from the awards and the fun events, we also learn so much about what it means to be a true leader. Here were my top three leadership takeaways:

  1. Being a true leader does not mean you are alone at the top. Being a true leader means recognizing the strength of the team you have working with you and using those strengths. If you want to see your team succeed, get to know your teammates and develop their potential. This will build the entire team up.
  2. Leadership means leading by example. If there is a change that you want to see, you are in charge of your own actions and can start being the change. Your team will follow your example. Think of the type of leader YOU would want to follow and be that leader.
  3. This may sound cliche but…DON’T STOP BELIEVING! (I know you all just sang that in your head). Keep your eye on your goals and your dreams and don’t give up. You can truly achieve anything you want if you believe you can. Achieving your dreams will be challenging, it will take a lot of work and determination but don’t give up. It is worth it!

This leadership summit challenged me because it is so easy to forget some of these basic principles. I came home from the trip eager to put the things I learned into practice with my own team.

Not only did we have lots of great sessions, we also did some other exciting things while visiting San Fran. We did a 5k charity walk one morning, saw the Golden Gate bridge, went to Alcatraz, and Monat even launched into the UK!

All in a days work, right?

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(Yeah, Eva didn’t think the Golden Gate Bridge or a 5k walk were all that interesting).

Seeing San Francisco was great, but by far the absolute most exciting part of the entire weekend was when they announced the winners of the Monat Elite Europe trip. Soo, GUESS WHO’S GOING TO EUROPE?!!

Photo 2018-02-09, 3 37 12 PM

That’s right, WE ARE! We’ll be going in April and I cannot wait. I love everything about Europe, ESPECIALLY Paris. Sometimes I try to come up with a way to express how much I love Paris and I just come up blank. There are no words to describe it – it’s like Paris is my soulmate (sorry Tim)! I just love the culture, the beautiful buildings, the Eiffel Tower… I could go on and on and on about Paris. Literally. Ask any of my friends and they’ll just roll their eyes at how much I talk about Paris.

Being in Europe again has always been my dream ever since Tim surprised me with a trip to Paris years ago. Can you believe he even took me to a private dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower? Tim is the romantic in the relationship… he somehow always thinks of the absolute best surprises. Working towards this dream has been a challenge but I never stopped believing that it would happen one day.

I worked really hard to win this trip and to come in 7th and know that I earned my place among the other winners makes the reward so much sweeter. Don’t ever give up on your dreams. One day they WILL become a reality.

San Francisco, thanks for having us. And Europe, the Murphy’s will be back in April so you better get ready!!!

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