And We’re Off…AGAIN!

I’m going to keep this short and simple because as I am writing this, Tim, Eva and I are sitting on a plane for a 5 day trip to South Carolina and Georgia. (Gotta love those early morning plane rides!)  In South Carolina we are going to be doing some more leadership training for 4 days and then we will be going to Georgia for a day to spread the love at a Meet Monat!

Meet Monat’s are events we put on so that people can learn more about Monat and what we are all about. They happen all over the US and Canada (and now, the UK!).  Our Meet Monat in Georgia will also be a launch party for our newest market partner, Christy Williams! We try to take advantage of all our travels by working the business no matter what city we find ourselves in. I’m really looking forward to this trip and getting some more leadership training. I plan to share some of the new pearls of wisdom that I learn when we get back home next week!


As for this past week when we were at home between trips; well, I don’t even know where that time went. Tim and I both had a lot to catch up on and wanted to take time to connect with some of our team members to share some of the motivation from our leadership summit in San Francisco. I made a bunch of calls while Tim worked away on office admin work. We got enough done just to whip away for another whirlwind trip – it is never boring with the Murphy’s!

Even though the weeks are always crazy and time seems to slip by, I like to always try to take some time to reflect each day and when I can, meditate. It helps me keep some sort of balance in my life.

Here’s my food for thought from this past week: Do things because you love them, not because of how it makes you look. Don’t do something if the only reason you’re doing it is to make yourself look good. True leadership is serving others and helping people. True happiness is found in doing what you love. Be a true leader and be truly happy this week! Do what you love,  and love who you serve!

Follow our Instagram (@timamymurphy) for updates throughout the duration of our trip, I’ll see you on Finding Abundance next THURSDAY!

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