This past weekend while Tim and I were in South Carolina, we had the privilege of speaking to a group of Monat team members about what it means to set goals, CRUSH goals & the power of believing in yourself.

Public speaking is one of my favourite things that I do for Monat. I get so energized by the crowd and I have so much fun sharing some things that I’ve learned along the way. Tim, on the other hand, had never spoken in front of such a large crowd (over 300!). Everyone loved hearing what he had to say and I *maybe* even cried a little while he spoke. Just like everybody else, we have our firsts and this was one of Tim’s firsts and he was AMAZING!

My hope is that our experience for setting goals and achieving those goals will inspire and motivate you to set and achieve your own – no matter how big or small.

“Goals are not achieved overnight. Crushing your goals takes a lot of hard work, belief in your abilities and A LOT of focus.”

-Amy Murphy

(yes, I just quoted myself)

Imagine going on a trip. Would you ever wake up one day and get in your car and drive away? Maybe some people would, but most of us would prepare for a vacation. We would pack our bags, fill the car up, book hotels, and we’d use GPS. If we didn’t use a map, we could be driving on the back roads for hours and hours without ever reaching the hotel. Without filling up the tank we’d be stuck on the side of the road.

Why do we treat our goals any differently? Why do we wake up one morning and jump out of bed, expecting to turn those wishes into reality without taking the time to plan how we actually get there?

It may take more work to ensure that all the pieces are in place, but then you will know that you are going to reach your destination by the best route out there, you’ll have a suitcase full of resources for your journey and a tank full of energy to get you to where you want to go. You may need to fill up a few times along the way, but with a plan, you’ll know where the gas stations are and can pull off the road for a fill-up before going on your way again.

When it comes to achieving your goals, you need to do some preparation. Make an action plan. Start off by writing your dreams down or drawing them out, or like I do – make a dream board with photos. I love the visual aid that a vision board gives. Mine sits in my office so I see it every day and it motivates me on the days when I feel tired or unfocused. It reminds me of why I do what I do.

Do whatever works best for you but be sure to reflect on what your goals actually are and then you will be able to come up with an action plan for how to get there. Make practical steps and even if it takes a while to get there, don’t give up on the process! Here’s my current dream board.


When it comes to setting goals, set smart goals. This does not just mean goals that are practical or realistic. Sometimes we have to set the bar high and reach for the seemingly impossible. No, the smart goals I am talking about are S.M.A.R.T goals.

S – Specific
M – Meaningful
A – Action Oriented
R – Rewarding
T – Trackable

Be specific about what goals you want to set before you. Make big goals, but also make the smaller goals that are steps toward achieving the big ones. For example, you can have a goal of taking your kids on vacation every year, but if you don’t have the smaller goal of a specific trip for THIS year, then you will always find an excuse for why you aren’t there yet. “We’ll start going on vacations next year, once we’ve saved a bit more money…” If you make your goals specific and meaningful, with a clear deadline (Legoland by the end of THIS year) then you will be able to set up clear actions towards that goal.

Pick goals that you can easily track. Picking goals that are trackable means that you will keep your momentum going as you complete them, and then choose other goals to go for.  I’ve already gone through three dream boards because I keep reaching the goals that I’ve set for myself!! That’s the beauty of a goal – you can always make more once you’ve arrived at the ones you set for yourself.

Finally, be consistent. To be consistent means to be clear in your vision. If you have a vision in front of you that you are striving for, your actions should match your vision. You don’t have to have the same routine everyday in order to be consistent. Always check in with yourself and ask “What am I working towards?” Keep your vision in mind and you will keep that consistency and drive in your life.

Know why you do what you do, believe in yourself, and never lose focus of what you want! It WILL become reality, not because you sit on your couch and think about it, but because AFTER you think about it, you put action steps into place to work towards this. There is work involved! There is confidence required! There is SO MUCH REWARD waiting for you at the end!

Are you ready? GO…CRUSH THOSE GOALS!

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