Dear Mom,

Today is International Women’s Day! How fitting for my weekly post to fall on this day. Naturally, I am going to write about a woman that inspires me. This may seem cliche but honestly, my mom is one of my biggest inspirations. My mom is my best friend. She has always believed in me and always supported me in everything I do and I don’t know what I would do without her in my life.

When I was growing up, my mom was a teacher. She was an amazing teacher and she loved her job. Her passion for kids was contagious and she really knew what it meant to pour into the younger generation. I even went to university in order to become a teacher so that I could be just like her. In the process, I caught the acting bug and didn’t end up completing that degree, but you get the idea of how much I looked up to her!

My mom loves her grandbabies. She plays with my kids like she’s a kid herself. Her house has a huge hill that is just perfect for sledding and sometimes she lets the kids climb up on her back and slides down the hill with them on her back! She’s a human sled! Even when she isn’t feeling well she never lets the kids know it. Last year, she caught a bug and could hardly talk for weeks but she still came over and took care of the kids while we were away on a work trip. She is selfless beyond belief and is so involved in my kid’s lives.

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I owe a lot of my entrepreneurial spirit to my mom. When I was a kid, she would have me do tasks around the house and would pay me for them afterwards. I saw the pattern and started cleaning closets and organizing cupboards just so that I could make a bit more money. I remember constantly going into my parent’s room to organize their closets, even when they were already organized! Instead of my mom getting mad at me for trying to make some money, she saw the drive and the initiative that I took and encouraged it. She gave me the confidence to pursue things that I was interested in and she was always there on the sidelines, cheering me on.

My mom taught me to work hard and to do what you love. One of the best parts about working from home is the fact that I get to see my mom anytime. She lives about 15 minutes away and so we can meet up for brunch or go out for a spa day. If I’m having a rough day with work and need a break, I know I take the kids to my parent’s place and she entertains them while I get some work done.

My mom seems to have a sixth sense and always seems to call just as I am thinking about her. I talk to her about everything and we can communicate without saying a word. She knows how to make me laugh. She can just look at me and we will both burst into uncontrollable laughter. I’ve learned from her that laughter really is the best medicine. She is so bubbly and shares her happiness with anyone that she meets.

I am so thankful to have a mom like my mom. She is the kindest, most playful, most joyful woman I have ever known and I strive to be more like her. From anyone else’s perspective, she seems like a pretty ordinary woman -just a retired teacher from a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada – but to me, she is the greatest woman I know. I can’t think of anyone else who has impacted me more or who has shaped me into who I am today than this woman.

To all the women out there – you are appreciated! No matter how big or small your achievements are in life, you are worth celebrating. Happy International Women’s Day!

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