Reliving the Dream

Next week at this time I will be visiting London and Paris!! I can hardly believe it. It’s a dream that is coming true for the second time in my life and I am so eager to explore these cities again and to be able to revisit places that I had been to with Tim when he surprised me in 2014 with a Europe trip. This time we are going with Monat Elite and will be experiencing Europe through the luxury of the finest hotels and meals, all part of the package that Monat awarded us with. This will be so different from our first trip, which required so much budgeting and saving. The trip Tim surprised me with was originally for our 10th anniversary but by the time we had enough money saved up to go, we were celebrating our 12th anniversary!

London holds a very special place in my heart because my best friend, Gemma is from England. Since we were in England, I naturally wanted to visit Gemma but Tim told me that he had talked to Gemma and she couldn’t make it to London on the days we were there.  I was devastated but I understood that some things just don’t always work out the way you hope for them to.

On our last day in London, Tim and I took a ride on the London Eye.  As we got off, he asked if I wanted to take a picture, so we turned around to get the Ferris wheel in the background and in front of me was GEMMA. I was so excited I burst out crying (I may have cried from excitement off and on ALL day). Gemma is one of my dearest and oldest friends and seeing her made the end of our time in London just perfect. I cry even to this day thinking about how special it was to see my best friend in front of me in London. Tim tells me that Gemma can’t make it this time we are in London but I’m hoping that he is going to pull off another surprise like that. Not going to get my hopes up too high though!


I was ugly-crying when I saw Gemma

I like London because of my connection to Gemma, but I love Paris more than any other city in the world. I think I said once in a previous blog post that Paris is like my soul-mate. I just adore this city!! When we had previously been in Paris, Tim surprised me AGAIN by having a hotel room ready with rose petals spread out in a heart shape on the bed and a reservation at the top of the Eiffel Tower for dinner. I guess that’s what happens when you go to the city of love! Tim honestly deserves an award and has set a higher standard for men everywhere when it comes to surprises.

Tim is so romantic!!

Last time we were in Europe, Tim and I visited all of the classic historical sites: Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Sacre Couer, the Eiffel Tower, Versailles…I was just in awe thinking about all the history that had taken place over the course of the existence of these beautiful and incredible places.  To think of the people that had walked before me on this very same ground and had accomplished so many amazing things left me a bit speechless.

I admired the lavish designs and architecture of the buildings, the grandeur of Versailles, the detail of Buckingham Palace, the unbelievable size of Stonehenge, and the stunning lights of the Eiffel Tower. Being around sites like these really makes you feel quite small in the grand scheme of things, but isn’t that what’s so beautiful about going to places that hold so much meaning?

You really can ground yourself by realizing how insignificant you are. It humbles you in the most positive sense of the word. Looking back on the past made me really reflect on the present. When we came back from that trip, I felt refreshed and inspired to leave a positive impact on my world and on those around me back home in Canada. I wanted to inspire people in the way that Europe had inspired me. I wanted to emit life and happiness wherever I went in order to leave an impact on people just like Europe had left an impact on me.

I can’t wait to go back to Europe next week because part of mine and Tim’s history was in Paris and London and going back feels like we are returning to a part of us. We’ll be reliving a time in our lives that held so much significance not only for me personally but also for our connection as a couple. Our first trip to Europe was before Eva was born and the boys stayed home with my parents. This trip will be our first trip since Eva was born where she isn’t coming along with us. (MILESTONE!!!)

Tim and I are looking forward to reconnecting after 2 years of working so hard with Monat and our reward of going back to Europe after earning the Elite trip really puts the icing on the cake. We can enjoy the trip knowing that we worked for every second of it. If you want to see some of the places that Monat will be taking us and some of the amazing things we’ll be seeing on this trip, check out the link here!

My goal during this trip is to find as much pink as I can in London and take pictures of it all and then upload it to social media so everyone can appreciate the pink. Stay tuned!

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