Gratitude & Fulfillment

As I was reflecting yesterday while unpacking from our world travels, I was struck with an immense feeling of gratitude. I’m so grateful that I got to spend a week travelling to Europe with Tim and that we spent such incredible quality time together for a week and I am so grateful for family and the time we had together in Disney World for a week.

As a couple that works from home, Tim and I want to be more intentional about spending quality time with the kids when they are home because it is so easy to blur the boundaries between work and rest. Having the time away from the home where we could focus entirely on our kids and enjoy the time together as a family is something I am immensely grateful for. I want to look back on these years while my children grow up and never feel regret for not spending enough time with them. I work hard to make time for them and even though our business and work is demanding, we know that family is more important.

My favourite day out of the trip to Disney World was the Magic Kingdom day. I’m really just a big kid when it comes down to it so dressing up as Cinderella to match Eva’s Cinderella outfit was SO fun…until we reached the gate to enter the Magic Kingdom and I was told that I couldn’t enter with my costume because I wasn’t under 14!! I could understand immediately why because I was SWARMED by a bunch of kids wanting autographs, thinking I was Cinderella! They gave me a voucher to buy new clothes to change into and it was the funniest start to our day!


Since it was my birthday that day, Tim and I went out for dinner in the evening at Belle’s castle and had so much fun reminiscing the time, 18 years ago, when Tim proposed to me at Disney World. We thought back to all of the adventures we have had together and all the new adventures we’ll have in the future. I wouldn’t want to have any of these memories with anyone else. Tim surprised me with a gift (symbolizing his continued commitment to our marriage) by giving me an updated set of wedding rings. I was blown away by how thoughtful he had been and couldn’t stop crying as I looked at my beautiful, custom-made rings (and remember, I ugly cry! You can see the whole surprise at this link here!)

The most relaxing day of the trip was spent at Typhoon Lagoon. I got to sit in our cabana and sleep while Tim’s parents took the kids around to the pools. I needed a day by the water, in the warm sun to get some rest from all the airplane rides! The boys loved the water slides and had so much fun swimming around. I am so grateful for grandparents!


We explored Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Disney Springs on some of our other days at the park. I loved the entire trip and all the fun that we had with the kids, the relaxation that was involved and the memories we made. Nothing beats a well-deserved vacation with your kids – watching them view the world with wonder as they experience the magic of Disney World.


Gratitude comes from finding the little things in life and celebrating them. Gratitude comes from enjoying those people that are a priority in your life. Gratitude comes from reflecting on the memories you’ve made and the ones you’ve made them with. I am filled with so much gratitude when I look at my family and I know that they are what fills me abundantly.

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