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One of the things about having a birthday is the inevitable realization that another year has come and gone and you’re another year older. When I had my birthday this year (on April 12 at Disney!!), I reflected on the fact that there are fitness goals I want to make for this upcoming year. With all the work, travel and just general busy-ness of life, I’ve found that my body has not been able to keep up with this crazy lifestyle.

I had mentioned back in January that we were joining a gym called O2 Wellness with a goal to get fit again. Instead of just having a gym membership (it is so hard to get to the gym on my own!), Tim and I decided to get personal trainers this month so that we could reach our fitness goals.

I am so excited to work with my personal trainer, Hannah Ramsay, over the next year as I work towards my personal fitness goals. I’ve decided that my tangible goal is to be in a bikini competition next year by the time of my next birthday. I’m SO motivated by this goal because I know that when I feel my best and am living an active, healthy lifestyle, everything else also falls into place and I am more focused, less stressed and happier.

I want the bikini competition to be about dreaming big and feeling my best. It’s not about winning for me, it’s about having a tangible, exciting event that I can look forward to and think about whenever I feel like quitting at the gym. Being able to count down the days and see my progress motivates me when I am working towards other goals with my work, and I know that this will help me reach these goals too!

For me, this represents everything that I have worked so hard for and continue to work for. I don’t want to take anything for granted in life and this is one way to make sure that I am taking care of the body that I have and to make sure that even as I get older, I am still making my health a priority. I love working out and have done a lot of home work outs in the past (especially after having those babies!), but in recent years as we have been so busy! It has been hard to fit the time in on my own and I knew I needed help planning and organizing my workouts into my week.

The people at O2 Wellness have been so incredible as they have walked with us on this journey of getting personal trainers and getting started with our workouts. Tim is also working with a personal trainer, Michelle Long, and both of these ladies are going to be the key to our success. I know we wouldn’t be able to do it without the fantastic team at the gym and I am so excited for the months ahead as we start this journey towards a fit and healthy lifestyle. We love that we get to share this journey with you, with all the ups and downs that might come along the way!

Photo 2018-04-25, 10 43 33 AM
Day 1 of the journey!

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