Timing Isn’t Always Perfect

Yesterday when we were travelling home from London, Tim did a live video and said something that I thought was really worth focusing on for my blog this week. I think it is such an important point that is SO applicable to any area of life.

In his video, Tim was talking about how while we were in London, he was preparing himself for opportunities to talk about Monat with people. He wanted the way he dressed to reflect our business (visual marketing is important!) but it wasn’t until we were coming home and he was dressed in his comfy clothes when we suddenly had a bunch of opportunities to talk about Monat.

Tim is a huge planner and he likes to have everything prepared perfectly in advance before he does something. (He gets pretty flustered if things don’t go exactly according to plan!) But, as with most things in life, sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes things happen in life that are totally unexpected and we all just have to roll with it. When it comes to making the most of what life gives you, there is never going to be perfect timing.

Don’t get me wrong, planning is a good thing – it’s good to have focus in life and to have goals that you reach for. It’s good to prepare yourself for reaching those goals and to equip yourself with what you need in order to get to those goals.

Tim’s planning and preparing are VERY good qualities (I need more organization myself!) but my point is that if we are always focused on everything happening at the perfect time or in the perfect way, we may end up missing amazing opportunities.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a mom playing with her kids, an athlete – or just someone with any dream at all- don’t let an opportunity slip by you because you’re too focused on the big things to recognize the small things. Sometimes it’s those small, unplanned, spontaneous moments that make us realize we reach our goals one step at a time.

Life is not perfectly planned out all the time and that’s OK! Keep your eyes open for that window of opportunity and chase it.

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