Time to Cruise

This weekend, Tim and I will be going on our week long cruise with Monat to Bermuda! I am so excited for yet another adventure to embark on and of course, to have some time to relax with my favourite travel buddy. There is no end to the crazy and when we’re back home from travelling we’ve got so much to do with work, with the kids, and for ourselves that some days Tim & I barely see each other!

We’ve had a really amazing month so far with so much progress in our personal growth, and in our business’ growth…and we’re only halfway through the month! We were in London again at the beginning of the month to celebrate the launch of Monat UK which was such an inspiring event to be part of. There were so many people at the event and it was so exciting to see new people getting into the business and to know that there are people whose lives are going to change for the BETTER now that they’ve joined Monat. 

When you get a whole bunch of people together in a room that are all excited about the opportunities that are before them, the enthusiasm is contagious. It is mindblowing to think about the way in which we’ve grown in our personal business but also in the way in which the company has grown, we’re in the UK now and that is HUGE! (Next up: the world!)

I am really looking forward to this cruise because it is always exciting to be back with fellow Monat team members who share a common passion. We inspire each other and take the time together as a way to regenerate for more work on our personal businesses.

This cruise will be an amazing time for us to relax, stop and enjoy ourselves a bit. It is SO easy to forget that this is real life and we don’t want it to just pass us by without realizing it. We want to take time despite the busy life we lead to “stop and smell the roses” and appreciate where life has taken us. Life is so short and even though I DO love my job and I love everything that makes it crazy, it is still so vital to mine (and anyone’s!) happiness to be able to take a step back and enjoy the life you’re building for yourself.

Don’t let life pass you by without stopping long enough to enjoy it. You only live once so you might as well make the most of it! Happiness does not have to be fleeting, it can be your state of life if you take the right steps to maintaining a life that produces happiness. Enjoy the small things, stop, reflect, and do things that make you happy!

What do you do to enjoy yourself? Come up with one (or two, or three!) things that you know will help you slow down, cruise a bit, and enjoy the ride that you’re on. Then go out and put those things into action!

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