Set to Win

We are back after an incredible time away on our Bermuda cruise!! It was such an incredible trip and even though I’ve been sick ever since we got back, I still am so happy that we got to go. While we were on the cruise, we tried to get off the grid a bit. We didn’t have the best access to wifi and so it forced us to unplug which provided amazing opportunities for us to connect with each other and with the kids. Taking the time to refocus and enjoy my family gave me some great perspective on what we are working towards with our business and as entrepreneurs.

When I joined Monat, I was in it to win. I was at the grind from the first day. I was motivated to make the most of this incredible opportunity that I had in front of me. In the past, I’ve joined 10 other MLM (multi-level marketing) companies and never was very successful with any of them. I tried to succeed, but with a mindset that was more focused on what I could get out of the job rather than what I put into it, I was setting myself up for disappointment. After 10 attempts and many lessons learned, I was ready for Monat when it came up as an opportunity.

When I joined Monat,  I was not thinking about getting as much money for the least amount of input. I joined Monat with the intent to invest in my future and in my families future. I understood that in order to succeed I had to put work in and I had to treat the business for what it truly is: a business that I am cultivating. This is the truth for any entrepreneur. In order to succeed – you have to believe in the work you are doing and be willing to work HARD in order to see your business thrive.

I’ve spent the past 2.5 years completely amazed that the work I started out doing in 2015 has brought me to this whole new world of success. I tried 10 times and I failed. In life, there are times you will fail. The difference between a successful entrepreneur and a failed one is that a successful entrepreneur didn’t give up on themselves or their passion.  A successful entrepreneur doesn’t mean that they stick with the first bright idea they ever had because let’s face it, some ideas just don’t work out.  I think any good entrepreneur will have the insight to know when to start looking for a different opportunity (I did it TEN TIMES)! A good entrepreneur looks at the mistakes they made in the past and they rise above them and decide that their previous failures will PREPARE them for the future, not hinder them.

I took my experiences from my failed attempts and I used them to build the foundation for my current success. I’ve developed as a human being because of trial and error and the ability to reflect on those errors and change because of them. You are setting yourself up for winning when you allow yourself time to reflect on your experiences. Let the experiences mentor you! I can now mentor my team and help them in their business because I know that mentorship is key to success and I didn’t have much of that in my previous business experiences. With Monat, I’ve had amazing mentorship and also the opportunity to mentor those in my team. It works both ways. Don’t be afraid of failure and don’t be afraid to adjust your strategies when you learn something new.

Invest wholeheartedly in your business and you will find that those investments you made in the beginning will start paying off. You will see, as the years go by, that the freedoms you enjoy all started with a little bit of hard work and sacrifice. My family is able to go on incredible family vacations together and enjoy time in Bermuda making memories because I didn’t look at my 10 previous failures and expect that the same thing would happen to my business with Monat. I looked at those 10 previous failures and I saw all the lessons I had learned and I carry them with me like a map towards the success in my business today.


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