Travel Time!

Tim and I are going to a Leadership Training Session for Monat Directors in Miami, Florida for a long weekend! I plan to post a detailed post about what we learned from some of the meetings when I return. This is an exciting trip because we’ll be going without the kids and there are not too many sessions planned which means we’ll have a lot of free time to relax and hang out at the resort! I really look forward to these kinds of trips because we really do work hard in the day to day grind and it is nice to be rewarded for that hard work every once in a while.

What do you do to reward yourself? I understand that not everyone has opportunities to go to a resort in Florida to relax, but there are ways in which you can relax at home or at the end of every day to keep yourself charged! Take time out of your day to plan for these mini-getaways and be sure that you keep them a priority. They are important for keeping balance in your life! When I want to take a relaxing getaway but I still need to be home with the kids, I go out to our balcony and I sit in the warm sun while the kids play in the playset below. I am able to keep an eye on the kids but being out on the balcony is my happy place and just taking 30 minutes to sit and think about my day, meditate a bit, and enjoy the sunshine gives me a boost.

Reward yourself with something small when you do hard work, or save up on small rewards but getting yourself a bigger reward from time to time! It will give you something to work towards and something to look forward to.  Keep that in mind this week and find little ways to relax and reward yourself each day!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend, I am excited to share what I learn with you when we return! Keep an eye out on my Facebook page (Tim & Amy Murphy) or Instagram (@amyelmurphy) for more updates on what we are up to while in Miami!

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