Positive Vibes

We’re back from our trip this past weekend and it was amazing. The thing that I love about getting away to these events is that even though we had a few sessions planned and there were some meetings, the real reason we were down in Florida was so that we could connect with fellow Monat-ers. I had such an amazing weekend where we were able to relax by the pool or go for a nice walk and just talk to other people who are working their businesses.

I love getting together to share some encouragement with each other and make new friends. I have the people on my team that I know well but it’s the best to come to an event and get to know people from other teams and to have fun with them and hear stories about their Monat adventures. That is where I am reminded that this is an amazing company filled with amazing people. We are all in this because we love the product we sell and we want to see other people’s lives changed.

The best way to get some encouragement when you’re feeling down is to surround yourself with people who can help lift you up. Be around people that will speak positive truth into your life and listen to it! I know that everyone has a few down days and that’s why it is so important to make sure that the friends around you won’t pull you down further – you need friends that will lift you up and help you get back on track.

I know that I’ve said this before and I know that I’ll say it again but everybody, including ME, has a down day from time to time. Don’t beat yourself up when you’re feeling discouraged, you’re not alone in this! The best thing to remember when you’re discouraged about your job, or about something going on at home, is that you are never alone.

When I go to these Monat events, I am immediately energized because that’s what they’re all about – they invite people from all over the continent so that we can remind each other that we’re never alone! The business is your own, but there are so many people working their own business and we all are working together to send out the message that there is a great product that can literally change your hair and your life.

Do you have friends that you can surround yourself with that will encourage you and support you no matter what? We all should have friends like this because those are the ones that will cheer you on when you seize each day. They are the ones that will always be by your side. Love your old friends and embrace new friends because every good friend will be woven into your success story.

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