Family Care

I know that I talk a lot about self-care on this blog. I make it a big priority to make sure that I am taking active steps towards finding balance in my life and making sure that I don’t overwork myself. Sometimes this comes in the form of meditation in the morning on my deck while the sun is out. Other times, this means going to the gym and getting a good, hard workout in. If I am feeling the need for a spa day, I’ll book one and treat myself to a mani-pedi. Whatever ways you find to destress and get some self-care in, I am proud of you!! I think it is SO important and you’ve heard me write about it before and I am sure I’ll write about it again.

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What I want to talk about this week is not about self-care exactly, although it does relate to that!! I want to talk about something that is EQUALLY as important as self-care, and that is Family care. Do you make it a priority in your life to spend time with your kids? As a mom that works from home, I have to be very intentional about setting aside time to spend with my kids because their well-being is the most important thing to me.

Family care can mean different things on different days for me. Sometimes it means setting aside my phone and playing with them in the playroom. Other times it means preparing a delicious and healthy meal that they can enjoy and sitting with them to talk about their day as we eat. Sometimes we go out on day trips or vacations with our kids in the summer, or Tim and I try to join the kid’s field trips as chaperones during the school year. These are all ways in which we proactively ensure that our family is being taken care of and that we are present with our kids while they grow up.


Nobody wants to wake up one day and realize that their kids are graduating from high school and they didn’t see it happen. I don’t want to be a working mom that provides for my kids’ future if I can’t also invest in their present. I want to prepare them for the future by raising them the right way and helping them to become the best human beings they can be.


Being aware of your family wellbeing and spending time with your kids is hard when you’ve got so much on the go (I know we sure do!!) but take the time to figure out how you can work your schedule around your kids. Don’t try to just fit your kids or your spouse in when the timing works out. Make intentional space in your schedule that is designated family time and then be present with your family during those times. Enjoy your family and have fun with them because I can guarantee your kids will notice if you’re making an effort to spend time with them and they will love it!

Family care will not only benefit your kids, it will be part of your own self-care because when you spend time together as a family it will energize you and inspire you when you get back to work. My family is my top priority and I look forward to the times when the boys come home from school and I can hear all about their day or when we plan a camping trip in the summer and I know I can just enjoy my family with no distractions.


So, what fun do you have with your family? Are there things in your life that aren’t necessary so that you can focus on family care? If you have any fun games you play with your kids or other outings that you do, please comment below and share them with me! I love new ideas of things I can do with my kids!!

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