Ride Those Waves

No, this isn’t going to be a post about surfing or the beach! Although, I DO wish I could be at the beach right about now!! (We’ll be at the beach in a few weeks…hello Florida!) This is about those waves that are strong and dark and nasty. It’s the waves of your life and sometimes you have very high ups and very low downs. Sometimes the waves are strong and the waves are constant but I’m here to tell you one little secret: ride those waves.

Even when things don’t seem to be working out in your life, may it be personal or business, riding those waves and sticking through even the tough times will get you to your goals. Not only that, but they will also teach you so much through the journey.

When I first started my journey in MLM (multi-level-marketing) companies 17 years ago, I failed to make the most of my waves. Any time a small bump would happen, I would jump ship and bail on whatever it was I was working towards. I didn’t realize it at the time but in order to see success happen in your business, you have to ride those waves. They come no matter what and you can’t quit when the first sign of trouble happens.

After 17 years and 10 different MLM companies, I finally found Monat and started working with a different mindset – I was in it to win it and all the previous failed attempts were going to be my motivation for succeeding in this one. Did I have bumps along the way with Monat? Definitely! But sticking through it and working hard despite the difficulties is what brought me to the place where I am today: Canada’s #1 income earner for the company. If I had quit right at the beginning, I never could have made it to this place, only three years later!!

Where I come from (Nova Scotia, Canada) we have a lot of beautiful coasts with some stunning waves. There is one place in particular – Peggy’s Cove – where on a windy day the waves can just crash over the rocky shoreline. But on a calm day, the water is so peaceful and beautiful that you would never know anything had crashed on those same rocks just the day before. Sometimes this has felt like my life: one day was just so difficult that I didn’t think I had the strength to get through. But if you keep pushing forward and continue to work through the difficult days – those days when it is calm and peaceful will be that much more beautiful because you’ll truly know how to enjoy it when it comes!

I challenge each and every one of you that if you keep sticking with what you’re passionate about -no matter what happens, through the good or the bad, you will come out a stronger, smarter, better person because of it. Sometimes business opportunities will fail or there will be instances when you do need to leave a situation that could be harmful to you, but in most cases, we give up too early because of fear or lack of confidence and I am here to encourage you in those situations to NOT give up!! Don’t let the fear of failure bring you down. Take the opportunities to learn from your mistakes and to pick yourself back up and keep going!

I would love to hear some of your success stories in the comments below! Share with me a time when you almost gave up when things got difficult but then you chose to stick with it and in the end, it taught you something. I love to read the comments and feedback I get so don’t be shy, I’ll be sure to respond!

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