Team Building, Love and Support

We had a really amazing team bonding event this week at an axe-throwing place called Timber Lounge in Halifax.  It was SO FUN! I genuinely loved trying to throw the axe at the target even though I was really terrible at it!!

I decided to join their league that starts in September because it was so fun but also will be a really good workout for me. I like the challenge of trying to get better at something. Practice makes perfect! I went to the Timber Lounge with our team so that we could talk a bit about business and then have some fun as well. Nothing like mixing a little business in with the party!

This was the perfect way for us to do some team building where we got to cheer each other on and encourage each other both in our axe throwing skills and also in our Monat skills. Sometimes you just need to gather a group together that needs encouragement and let people encourage each other. I love bringing people together and giving them an opportunity to bond.

Speaking of bonding and coming together with other people, this past weekend we had a blast at Yogi Bear park in our new-to-us trailer! I made some new friends at the park playing Washer Toss, which was so intense! I love being at camp because there are so many new people to meet and I have so much fun bonding over summer, camp and silly games like Washer Toss. The kids loved being there as well and being able to swim and get some sun and get away for a while.

It’s great to get out and meet new people or bond with people you already know and I try to encourage everyone to do this. I try to plan events to bring people that have similar interests as me closer together. We have meetup groups and it has been amazing to get to know some of the women in my community through these events. If you’re not the type to go out and plan the event or host something, I still would encourage you to find ways to get involved in your community or with people that share interests. You’ll bond over your common interests but I can guarantee you there will be lots of diversity in your group as well! Everyone is unique and that’s what makes taking time to get to know other people so great.

I know that for introverts this could seem like a terrible idea but even if you’re getting together with just one other person, I feel it is so important to have support surrounding you. That’s why I took my team out to axe throwing because ultimately my goal is to help the team bond so that we can all feel comfortable around each other when we need support.

The same thing goes with my meet up groups. One group I started is all about Mom’s finding balance in their lives. What better way to support each other in the struggle than to know you’ve got a group who want the same things as you? You’re not in this alone and having those friends that can encourage you when you feel discouraged or are having a tough day at work will make such a difference!


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