Lessons from the Summit

As you know, Tim and I were with the kids in Florida for vacation last week. Of course, this trip was originally a bit of a work trip because I was going down to speak at a Ray Higdon event. Taking the kids with us was the perfect way to make the most out of a trip down to Florida!

The kids are always in tow!

In my previous post from two weeks ago (didn’t post last week because I wanted to take our vacation with the kids seriously and focus on them!),  I talked about how I would be sharing the stage with Ray Higdon and a number of other Network Marketers about how to thrive in your business. At first, I was feeling a bit of nerves because this was the first event where I was speaking to such a large group that were not part of Monat, but once I got onto the stage and started talking, my nerves went away and I just got real with everyone and told them my story. It was a blast!!

When I first started my business with Monat, I had already failed at network marketing for the first 10 tries. By the time Monat came around, I knew that if I was going to succeed in a network marketing business, I would need to make some changes in my business approach. When I looked online for help on how to succeed in the network marketing world, I came across Ray Higdon and signed up to get emails from him and learn from his training info. I LOVE Ray Higdon’s stuff and I would use the things I learned from him with my team…and it always worked!

I was so honoured to be invited to speak at Ray Higdon’s event and it was such an amazing experience to be there with so many other network marketers. It is so surreal and so special to think about where I came from (starting out watching Ray Higdon videos), and how I got to where I am now (sharing the stage with Ray Higdon!!).

One thing I learned from Ray and that I continue to tell people today is this: Network Marketing is NOT about changing who you are so that others like you more. It’s about being true to who you are and being authentic with people and the right kind of people will be drawn to you. Don’t change yourself, just have the courage to be yourself. People will be attracted by someone who is true to themselves.

I loved speaking at this event and if you want to get a sneak peak into a 10-minute portion of my 45-minute talk, you can watch it here. The full-length talk will be coming soon.

Spoiler Alert: Me being myself may mean that I wear my bathrobe on stage while speaking to a huge crowd of people. I owe my business to my bathrobe because I literally had 3 kids running around me when I first started with Monat and I didn’t have the time to get ready! So, I sat in my bathrobe all day and worked my business and I love that it is part of my story.

Just doing my thing on stage in my bathrobe!

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