Gratitude Challenge

In honour of all my American friends and team members out there; Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for you!

Recently I’ve been doing a gratitude challenge with a group I started on Facebook called Balance Busters. Each day I stop to think about what I am grateful for. It is so good to take that time to remember what we are thankful for and to make a moment in each day to say thank you.

Balance Busters is for anyone who wants to find a bit more balance in their lives. I am a busy mom with three kids and an entrepreneur (I like to call myself a mom-preneur!) so sometimes I do find it really hard to achieve balance in my life. I created the Balance Busters group so that we could encourage each other and figure out ways to make balance happen.

So far, by doing the gratitude challenge, I have found that is helps me find a little bit more balance in my life. When I stop to think about what I’m thankful for it helps me to prioritise what is most important to me in life and then I focus on spending time doing those things.

For me, I am most thankful for my kids and hubby and family. I want to keep them as a top priority in my life and this gratitude challenge has reminded me of that. I make sure that I keep family time as family time and I’m away from my phone when I’m being intentional about spending time with my kids.

I’m also so thankful for my job and the work I do so it is important to me to keep working hard towards what I love to do: sell shampoo and transform people’s lives, one hair wash at a time!

What are the things you are most thankful for? Comment below, I’d love to hear what you are thankful for! Take some time each day to think of at least one thing you are thankful for and how it fits into your life. If you find that something important to you doesn’t have much time in your life, try moving things around so that you do have time for that!

If you’re someone who wants to find balance, join my Facebook group! I love having new people join. We’re all in this together and it is so helpful to hear other people’s experiences finding balance. This is the link to my group: Join Balance Busters on Facebook! 

So, friends, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Gratitude Challenge, Happy Balance Busting! Go get ’em.

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