Now I’m in Toronto! (Can you say crazy travel schedule?!)

Last week this time I was in Las Vegas. I went home for a few days and now I’m in Toronto for more training. CRAAAZY!! I’m in Toronto for Director’s training and there is a wall in the Toronto headquarters with all of the Canadian Directors for Monat. I was the first one to become a Director in Canada and now on that wall there are 20 plaques with 20 different women who have become directors!! I felt so much immense gratitude looking at that wall with all of those faces on there. I love how Monat is changing so many people’s lives and making this world a better place.

Another amazing part of this trip to Toronto is that I made a huge breakthrough in my battle with anxiety!! I LITERALLY broke through! In one of our sessions with Brian Biro, we were given the opportunity to break a board of wood with our hand and I chose to write anxiety on my board to signify that I was done with anxiety and would overcome it. Look what happened to my board on the FIRST hit!!

I destroyed that anxiety and I plan to make sure that this stays true for me. I am stronger than my anxiety and this proved it to me. This was such a powerful moment for me and I’m so glad that I was able to come on this trip. It came at the perfect time, especially after my really hard anxiety attack that came when I was in Vegas. I wrote about that in last week’s blog so if you haven’t had the chance to take a look, head on over to that blog as well!

There is such power in having the right mind set and visualizing your goals. I know that I can achieve anything because I believe in my abilities and in my drive to work hard and make those dreams a reality. The training in Toronto and Vegas helped remind me of that and I’m committed to never giving up on my dreams and never letting anything hold me back – even anxiety attacks in the middle of the night!!

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