Find the Magic

Christmas is around the corner and this is my all time favourite time of year!! If any of you saw my Facebook live video from earlier this week, we had a very special dinner with Santa at the North Pole and I got to be his helpful little elf!! I just get so excited by all of these things because it makes me feel like a little kid again. Everything is so magical at this time of year.

Even though the holiday season has been quite busy up until this point (I’ve been travelling so much!!), I do like to always take some time to stop and reflect for a moment during this crazy season. I’m reflecting on all the things in my life that are magical this year. I decided to call this reflection time “find the magic” because the things that are most important to me are what is truly magical in my life! It’s not about the flashy, fancy things. It’s about the little things in life that make each day magical.

So, as part of my reflection time, here are a few things that are truly magical and make me so thankful during this time of the year! First of all, my kids are pure magic. I love spending time with my kids and being reminded constantly of what a gift they are. They are kind and care for others and I love seeing them all grow up into little people. This Christmas I am so thankful for my kids and the magic they bring to my life. I can guarantee you life would be pretty sad without my three little munchkins!!

I also have found magic this holiday season in my secret sisters gift exchange (I had five rounds of secret sisters because the gifts just kept coming!!) I know that Christmas is not all about the gifts but it was so fun to get thoughtful gifts from people all over the world (I even got a gift from Germany!!). It showed me that people who are strangers to each other can spread some Christmas cheer and are able to bless each other with a simple gift. It made me feel connected to so many people from all over as we all are celebrating the same holiday in our own country and culture. Now that is magical!!

I know this may not sound magical to some people, but I am really grateful for the simple things in life such as a good nights sleep or a delicious, healthy meal. It is so easy to take these things for granted because they happen every day but when you stop and think it, we realize that it really is what helps us keep going each day! I don’t know about you but if I don’t get a good nights sleep I am a totally different person in the morning and there are so many days when I am just rushing around that I forget to eat a healthy meal. Sleep and healthy meals are so vital to our wellbeing and we literally couldn’t survive without them! So I am thankful for these simple things.

What is magical in your life? Take some time this holiday season to reflect and comment below on one or two things you are exceptionally thankful for! I would love to hear about your magical life too!!

Since Christmas is next week I will be taking a break from my blogging to spend time with my kids and hubby and family! I hope you all have the best holiday season and I’ll see you in the new year! Have a very magical, very Merry Christmas!

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