Gratitude With A Twist

Last Thursday I held an event called Gratitude With A Twist with a new friend of mine, Juanita Shay. Juanita Shay is the author of a book called “One Million Gratitudes Exchange Movement”. I was so inspired by her book and her desire to see the world transformed into a better place that after I first met her I told her that I really wanted to do an event with her.

It was so amazing to see our event finally become a reality and to get the opportunity to spread our passion for positivity, gratitude and love with so many others who came to the event. Juanita Shay was able to sell her books and share a bit about her journey towards gratitude and I was also able to share my journey with others.


We were also so pleased to be able to host an event where a group from CHAMA (an organization that raises awareness and promotes education against AIDs and Malaria in Africa) could come and perform with their drums. If you didn’t get a chance to see the performance on my Facebook Live, you should definitely listen to the story of how CHAMA started and the drum performance (see it here!!)



The story of how CHAMA started will bring you to tears.

The event gave off so much energy and even though I really hadn’t been feeling very well earlier that day I was just so happy that the event happened because I felt so much positivity from the event and from being around people who all wanted to manifest gratitude in their lives.

Are you looking for a way to become more grateful in your own life and also share gratitude with others?? I think everyone should know about Juanita Shay’s book because it is an amazing way to start off your gratitude journey!

The book is a journal that you write in each day about one thing you are grateful for. After you have filled half of the book, you are supposed to give the book to someone else so that they can fill out the second half of the book and see what things you were also grateful for. That is how the gratitude spreads!!

You can join the movement on Facebook  or buy a copy of her book and start your own gratitude journal.

I’m starting mine!


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