How I Make Time for Balance as My Business Grows

Let’s start this post off with a photo that I posted last week on Instagram. I LOVE this image because it is such a good reminder of what it means to be balanced. This is the balance wheel:

balance wheel.jpg

Take a look at the wheel and count how many of these things you are making a priority in your life.  Are you suffering, surviving or thriving?
1-2 – Suffering
3-5 – Surviving
6+ – Thriving 

If you’re thriving, AMAZING!! I am super proud of you. But most of us are probably in the surviving or maybe even suffering category. I know that there are times when I get really good at finding balance and I am thriving and those times feel so good!! It really does make a difference! So, how do I make time for balance in my life? Here’s a few tricks I’ve found helpful along the way…

First, I had to look at the balance wheel and choose a few areas that I wanted to work on. I didn’t try to tackle the entire wheel overnight. Look for one or two things that you know you can manage and start with those.

Next, do something on the balance wheel right away at the start of each day. If you got a good sleep the night before you’re already winning! That’s on the balance wheel and will put your whole day on the right track. That was one of the first things I prioritized. We all know that with young kids sometimes it is just impossible to get a good sleep every night so on those days when you wake up feeling groggy, do something else on the balance wheel to get you on track. For me, that means meditating.

Whenever possible I like to take a few minutes to meditate and get my head in the right space. I do this at the very start of my day. Then, even if it’s a busy day and I don’t have time for anything else throughout the day, at least the day started off well! If I start my day right, I can continue having a good day regardless of what challenges come up during the day.

On those great days when I am thriving on my balance wheel, I make time to get out to the gym! I prioritize my exercise and I highly recommend it! Schedule in a time slot at the gym, go for a run or do a workout at home. No excuses! Write it down on your to-do list or put a reminder on your phone. It’s all about deciding you will do something and then following through!

Some days are so busy and I find myself lying in bed at the end of the day feeling completely exhausted. On days like this (we all have them, it’s okay to admit that!!) I like to lie in bed and think of all the things that I’m grateful for from the day. I envision each thing that brought me joy and I manifest my gratitude. Doing this from a cozy bed will make you fall asleep, but like I said before, rest is part of balance so wind your brain down with happy thoughts!

These are VERY simple tricks have helped me through many long days while growing my business. They keep me focused on my work and the reason why I do it. I work from home and make my own hours so that I can spend time with my kids and with my husband. Keeping a balanced lifestyle helps me to enjoy those times with my family AND enjoy the times when I am growing my business. I love both aspects to my life and I know that it’s worth it every time I incorporate the balance wheel into my routine!

What parts of the balance wheel do you need to work on in your life? Are there any areas where you feel you could do better? Pick out one or two areas that could use some work and decide what you can change to make your wheel more balanced. Let me know in the comments below what you are going to include (or exclude) from your routine! I’d love to hear from you!

If you’re interested in finding more balance in your life, join my Facebook group called Feel Like A Million where there is a whole community of people who want more balance in their life! You can click on the link here to direct you to the page.

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