My Values for Life

Have you ever sat down and thought about what you value most in life? I sat down and took a moment to write out my top five values. These are the “pillars” of my life. The things I focus my time and energy on as I work my business and live my life. 

My five values remind me of what matters most for me in my personal life, in my relationships and for my business. When you make something a core value, you need to be accountable to it. Whatever you choose to make as a value in your life you need to look at everything you do and measure it according to that standard. The standards should be high because they are the things you admire, look up to and strive for! 

Let me tell you all about these five values and why they mean so much to me.


I chose growth as one of my core values because I do not believe anyone should ever stop learning or growing. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again because it’s so true. Growth doesn’t happen overnight and it is hard work! But no matter how hard it is, I am always looking for new ways to grow. Growth could be anything from making time to be with the kids and helping them as they grow, or signing up for a new class online to learn new business skills.

Since growth is my core value, I cannot let my fear of failure get in the way. In order to see growth you have to be willing to take risks. By not letting my fear of failure get in the way, I have achieved so many goals and have done things I never imagined I would be doing. I worked hard to see my business grow and I set the bar high so that I would always be growing towards a better standard. 

I like to look at all my other core values as ways to enhance growth in my life. Growth is what connects them all together.


I love authentic people. I admire them and the way they live their life. I always want to be authentic in everything I do. I chose this as a value for my life because an authentic person is someone that can be trusted and someone that people are drawn to. Not only do other people trust you, you can trust yourself. Being authentic means that you know who you are and what you stand for. You can trust yourself when you know yourself and are true to yourself! 

Being authentic has always helped me in my personal growth because in order to be truly authentic you need to grow into a person that you love and respect. The more you grow the more authentic you will become and the more authentic you become, the more you grow! It’s all connected!! 

When people know me as someone who is authentic, they trust me and the brand that I stand behind. This is huge for running your own business. If people don’t trust you, why would they trust the products you sell? Just like growth, learning to be authentic is a process and it is always growing with you as you grow. 


Enlightenment is such a big concept that sometimes it’s hard to wrap my head around! There are so many aspects to enlightenment that I love. Enlightenment is so connected to authenticity and growth and it is so important to me. Enlightenment for me means that I am looking for knowledge, understanding and awareness. Awareness of a higher power, understanding that you can make a difference, and knowledge that you can manifest your dreams and they will become reality!

When I take time to be thankful and to envision what I dream and want, that is when I feel enlightened. I am taken to a new level of energy and focus and am able to take on anything that happens that day! I believe there are good things out there for each of us, we just have to find them. 

Just like growth and authenticity, enlightenment is not a destination but a journey. Every day you can work towards a closer understanding of who you are and what your purpose is in the world. By continually growing and being authentic you are well on your way to understanding what that purpose is!


Every human being needs connection. It’s part of who we are! Connecting to others is one of the reasons why I love my job so much. I have met so many incredible people all over the world and I love the connections we make with each other. When I am having a rough day or things aren’t going as planned with my business, all I need to get back on track is some time with friends and family who support me. 

I love the energy at big conferences where everyone is so hyped to be learning the same things and when I leave those trips, I am so energized and excited to get back to my business and start doing the things I learned. 

Connectivity helps me keep going with all my other values. It is the engine that helps keep it all running. When you are working your business, find ways to connect people to each other. They will feel a sense of belonging in your company and will be loyal. By connecting people together, you are giving them a community. 


One of the best things about being a mom is that you get to witness your children discovering the world around them. I love it! They are so eager to explore and learn and they try touching, climbing, and looking at everything! I think that we should all be more like this. Be amazed at the world and discover new things every day.

I chose this as one of my core values because I love the reminder my kids give me about being eager to explore, open to new adventures, and ready for each new day. Every day is a gift and is ready to be enjoyed. Discover who you are and how you can make the world a better place. Leave room for wonder and always stop to be grateful for every experience. 

What do you want your core values to look like? I’ve seen so many good things happen ever since I started pursuing my core values and making them a priority in my life, work and family. When you know what you value, you know what to pursue and you won’t be distracted by things that don’t matter! 

Send me a message or reply in the comments below with some of your core values, I’d love to hear from you and talk with you about your values. You are unique and your values should reflect who you are!

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