My Story – How Million Dollar Bathrobe Started

I’m so excited to officially launch the Million Dollar Bathrobe Brand! It has been in the works for quite a while so to see launch day arrive is an amazing feeling. Today on the blog I will be talking about the story behind the name Million Dollar Bathrobe. 

I started my Monat business when I was 5 months pregnant and due to a medical complication, was under strict instructions to do very minimal activity. That meant most of my days were spent on the couch. I didn’t want to let that stop me though so I started working my business while lying on the couch, in my bathrobe. I worked hard and built my business from my phone. My business grew as my belly grew!! Once my daughter was born, I continued to work my business while taking care of her at home.

I didn’t care how I looked because it was my authentic self – I was a work-from-home mom with two kids and a newborn baby, I didn’t have time to put makeup on! I loved that I was able to work my business while sitting in a comfortable bathrobe.

After I became the top income earner in Canada, somebody told me that they thought I should ditch the bathrobe for clothes that made me look the part of a top income earner – expensive clothes, nice purses, perfect makeup. I was the type of person who loved shopping at walmart and wearing my shoes until they were falling apart so even though it all sounded great, I knew it just wasn’t me.

When I was younger my full time career had been in trying to live up to other people’s standards of beauty and success. Let me tell you, it’s a very tiring career and it’s hard to keep up! People are always changing their standards. I learned that it was better to just be true to who I was and what I loved. That meant living authentically without worrying about what I wore or how my hair looked. It was so liberating!

I chose to keep the bathrobe on instead of trying to be someone I wasn’t. I knew that by looking perfect on camera even though I had three kids running around me would not be an accurate portrayal of my life. I became known as the one who always wore her bathrobe while doing Facebook live videos and team trainings. I didn’t mind telling people that I had just changed a dirty diaper or had only gotten a couple hours of sleep the night before. People were attracted to the lifestyle because it was one they could relate to. 

I knew my bathrobe and what it represented had captured something important about life and how it was meant to be lived. I wanted to take this and invite others to join in on my discoveries.  This would be something bigger than myself. I wanted people to know that they can succeed as well, from their bathrobe (or not!), if they wanted to! I wanted to create an image that reminded people that no matter where you are in life, no matter what you do, pursue your dreams and never let anyone stop you. 

The Million Dollar Bathrobe Brand is a lifestyle and a mindset change. It is about embracing life to the fullest. It’s about connecting to a life you love and that makes you feel like a million. If this is the type of life you want to find, join our community and journey with us! 

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    1. Thanks for commenting, Ednita! Yes, living the authentic life is the best way to find true fulfillment in this life! Hope you are enjoying the blog, what is your biggest passion?

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