How My Value System Shapes How I Create Action

My values are very important to me. They shape the way I live my life and ground me to who I am. I wrote about what my values were and why I hold to them back in this blog post here (click to see the post if you missed it!). For a refresher, here is a visual of what my values are!


These values not only bring guidance to my life, they also spur on my actions and drive me toward my goals. When you choose to live life according to the values you hold, all of the choices you make and the actions you take should line up with these values.

Let me give you an example. One of my core values is connectivity. This means finding a good work-life balance and creating an environment where I can spend time with my family. Because I value connectivity, I then take actions toward making connections happen in my life. I chose to work from home to be with the kids. I take every opportunity I can to connect with people in my community and with my friends. I act upon what I value and my values guide my actions.

If I start noticing that life is getting so busy that I am not spending time with my kids, then I take a step back and re-evaluate what I am doing so that the things I value most don’t get lost. Sometimes it means making sacrifices, but it’s always worth it. Letting your values guide you will keep you focused in the long run, even if it means turning down something in the present.

Taking action can be daunting sometimes but let me tell you a little secret: everyone is equipped right here and right now to take control of their life.  You may think “I don’t have the skills” or “I don’t have the time”. These are excuses! Never tell yourself that you can’t do something. You can.

Here’s a quote that always resonated with me:

Everything in life that is hard is just a series of smaller things that are easy. You just have to take the first step.                                                                  – Steve Garguilo

No matter what you want, there is always an action plan towards getting it! It will take hard work and dedication but it is achievable! The part where your values become important is deciding whether or not it is worth your time and energy to pursue something fully. There will be times when you’ll realize that something doesn’t align with your values. It will be easier to let it go if you know who you are and what you value most.

Taking action requires practice. It is something that will grow with you over time. You’ll need to exercise the “action” muscle in order to get better at knowing where to start or what to do. For now, just start small. Think of it as a five minute workout to get your blood pumping!

I encourage you to write down one thing you want to accomplish today. Start with a task that is achievable to get your action muscle working! Write down the steps to achieving that goal. Then, follow those steps and take action! Don’t wait for tomorrow to do what you can do today.

Write a note in the comments below with your action plan for today. I’d love to hear where you plan to start!

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