My New, New Years Resolutions

Before you pull out a calendar and frantically start flipping through to see what month it is – don’t worry! We did not suddenly skip 5 months and end up in the middle of winter. Thank goodness for that! I’ve decided to revisit my New Years resolutions a bit early this year. Who says you can’t change things up a bit?!

When summer ends and school starts up again for my kids in September, I find that it’s a good time to start evaluating how the year has been so far.  I’m looking at the next 4 months as an opportunity to grow instead of just coasting through to the end of the year. There is still plenty of time to accomplish something!

If you’re like me and you wrote down your resolutions back in January, pull those out and take a look at them again. Take a moment to evaluate how the year has gone so far.  You can write a number beside each on a scale of 1 – 5 to determine how well you’ve stuck to your resolution. Be honest with yourself!

Each year I like to go back and lookat what my resolutions had been for the year before. If I achieved one of my goals, I celebrated! If I hadn’t quite accomplished what I had hoped for, I could choose if I wanted to keep it as a resolution for the upcoming year.

Taking moments to evaluate are so important for your personal growth. It keeps you focused on what your priorities are and helps you see concrete results.

For my NEW, New Years resolutions, I am sticking to my non-negotiables. My non-negotiables are the parts of my life that I never want to become too busy for. I block these times into my calendar and they don’t move. These are things like my time at the gym, my son’s baseball game, and my morning meditation.

One non-negotiable that I find particularly difficult to stick to is my bedtime. I try to be off my phone at 10 pm each night so that I can spend time with Tim and be distraction free. A lot of nights this works but other nights it doesn’t.

I’m making it my goal to stick to this for the rest of the year whenever possible. If I’m travelling or at an event it just isn’t possible to be in bed by 10 and that’s okay! Life has to happen too. The point is to make healthy habits.

I know that a good night’s sleep is the best way to start the next day off on the right foot. My mind, body and spirit all benefit from a good nights sleep. It can transform productivity, balance and mindset! I’m recommitting to my non-negotiables for the rest of this year. What do you want to recommit to? I’d love to hear about your New, New Years Resolution too!

Connect the Dots

What do you want to work on in your life for the remainder of 2019? Is there something that should change?

Take a moment to write out one NEW New Years resolution that you will start working on today. Go over your old resolutions and reflect on how well you’ve accomplished them. Be honest! If they need improvement, consider adding it back to your resolutions this fall. 

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