How I Made the Mindset Shift to Succeed

My success story starts with 17 years of failure. I was in the business of failing for 17 whole years before things started to change. The difference that happened?  My mindset. I was so embarrassed to tell people that I had been a failure for 17 years because who wants to fail for that long!? It’s not fun!

But when I started sharing my story and telling others about the long, hard years before success, people connected with it – they could relate because we all know what failure feels like. Thankfully, we all can know success too! Yes, everybody!

My mindset shift from failure to success happened when my husband said he didn’t believe I could succeed. I had always valued my husband’s support in the past so when he told me he didn’t believe I could win, I thought “challenge accepted”! I wanted to prove him wrong.

And I did.

As a seven figure income earner, I’ve been able to prove that my past failures do not dictate my present success. I believed in myself even when others did not. When I adopted this mindset I worked harder and was more focused and determined than ever. I was not going to let anything stop me.

When I started to succeed, I realized what all those years of failure had taught me and how they had prepared me for my success. My failures taught me the importance of commitment and mindset and how it can make or break your life.

Making the mindset shift from failure to success is ongoing. On one hand, when you change your mindset you will notice it right away. You will be different because you believe in yourself.

On the other hand, you will always be cultivating that mindset shift. It isn’t a one and done sort of thing. It can’t grow on it’s own! A successful mindset needs to be watered and nurtured and put into practice in order to stay strong. If it gets neglected you will start doubting yourself and your abilities. Every single day requires hard work, perseverance and mindfulness.

There are days when doubt can creep in but if you have cultivated strong belief in who you are and what you can achieve, you will be able to stay strong despite the tough days. I’ve learned that you never stop growing or learning and should always be moving forward!

Connect the Dots

Do you need a mindset shift? All it takes is you! Start by moving from a mindset of “I can’t” to “I can” and act like it! When your actions align with your beliefs you become those beliefs. Believe that you are strong, capable and fearless. Grow in those beliefs and see them become a reality in your life! 



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