Mistaking Opportunities for Coincidences

I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in opportunities. Take a look at these two definitions:

Coincidences can become opportunities! Every moment is an opportunity.

When we make the mistake and think that things happen by coincidence, we don’t make the most of a situation and we miss the opportunity to grow, learn or succeed. I fully believe that you can learn something from every situation.

You won’t believe how many opportunities will jump out right in front of you when you make this mindset shift. Without this mindset change they just look like coincidences. And for many people that’s all they ever will look like. They may never make the connection.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

So what do opportunities look like?

The barista making your morning coffee that you could talk to? Opportunity.

The red light you’re stuck at? Opportunity. (We all could learn a bit more patience!)

The difficult gym session you’re dreading? Opportunity, Opportunity, Opportunity!!

Start viewing the world through the lens of opportunity and you will see how many coincidences become opportunities right in front of your eyes.

One of my favourite example of a coincidence turned opportunity happened last year to my husband Tim and I. We had just returned from a red eye flight and we were walking through the airport when suddenly we ran into opportunity after opportunity to connect with people and share about our business. Totally unexpected and unplanned.

Coincidence?! No way! We embraced these opportunities to share and connect and even though we were in our travel clothes and looked far from put together, we didn’t let that stop us!

Don’t let an opportunity slip by you because you’re too focused on the big things to recognize the small things. Sometimes it’s those small, unplanned, spontaneous moments that make the biggest impact. They remind us that we reach our goals one step at a time.

If our focus is on everything happening at the perfect time or in the perfect way, we may end up missing amazing opportunities. Life is not perfectly planned out all the time and that’s okay! Keep your eyes open for that window of opportunity and chase it when you see it.

Connect the Dots

Don’t ignore an opportunity to connect by mistaking it for a coincidence. Create opportunity for yourself and embrace those moments where you are able to connect, grow and learn more fully. 

If you ever find yourself in a situation that seems less than ideal, stop and think “where is the opportunity here?” I guarantee you opportunity will be attracted to you and you’ll see it clearly. When this becomes part of your routine, you will never wonder if somethings was a coincidence ever again. Opportunity is everywhere!


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