Identifying Learning Opportunities From Our Relationship with Others

I’ve talked about seeing opportunity everywhere and making the most of every situation on the blog in the past, (see here and here for two posts I’ve done on these topics!)

Today, I want to focus on seeing the opportunity to learn and grow from your friendships and relationships.

My favourite part about what I do is that I get to meet new people all the time. I’ve met so many incredible people at events or when I’m speaking at a conference that I am honoured to call my friends and part of my greater community.

But how do you build great friendships? How do you grow with your community?

We live in a world where comparison and competition are all over the place and it seeps into our relationships too! We look around and compare how we’re doing or what we look like to what our friends are doing and we measure our success by competing with others. 

But what I’ve discovered can change all of this for you:


Praise Quickly – No matter where you are in life, if you can see the achievements and success of others and genuinely cheer them on, you are winning.

Does it feel hard to cheer for others? Probably! Sometimes we are so focused on our own work, or we just wish we were experiencing some success that we end up feeling a bit jealous. These are totally normal feelings. It’s the “grass is always greener” syndrome!

Step out of that bubble and try to give someone else a compliment, or encourage them by sending them a note. Look towards others and see the ways in which you can bring light to someone else’s day. These actions will draw people in.  People want to be around someone who lifts them up and walks with them no matter what. Be that kind of person and see what your positive vibes attract!

Learn Humbly There will never ever be a point of time in your life where you will know everything. It just won’t happen!! Look around for ways to also learn from others in your community.

Practice humility as you learn and grow from others, regardless of how much money they make or how successful they are.

We so often make the mistake of only looking up at the people who are more successful than us that we forget that we can learn so much from the people around us.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop looking up to you successful people or your mentors. PLEASE keep doing that! They have learned so much and have the success to prove it! Mentors are vital to your success too.

Just remember that people learn things at different times and in different ways. We all have unique experiences that have taught us something and that’s what we can share.  Who knows, there may be something your friend down the street has learned that you wish you knew but have not learned yet! Nobody in the world has learned everything, not even the billionaires!

Take these learning opportunities and make the most of them. Everybody has a story to tell, ask your friends and learn from theirs!

Connect the Dots

Do your best this week to offer a compliment or an encouragement to at least one person each day. Make it genuine, uplifting and motivating! Let them know how much you appreciate what you’ve learned from them, or how they have influenced you in a positive way. 

Take time this week to also practice a spirit of humility. Be willing and eager to learn from others. Ask questions to develop a learning attitude. Cut down any pride that might make you think you are better than those around you and look for opportunities to accept the gifts that others extend to you through their tidbits of wisdom. 



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