My Journey To Empowerment and How You Can Get There Too

Empowerment. We hear this word a lot nowadays but what does it actually mean? My favourite definition is from the Cambridge Dictionary which says:


This is SO powerful! I’m going to unpack this a bit today. Understanding what empowerment really was changed my journey dramatically and it can change yours too!!

1. Empowerment is a process. For years, I lived in the shadow of a little girl who was scared to show her true self to others. I grew up believing lies about myself that affected the way I connected with others. I was always hard on myself.

When I got older, I made some breakthroughs after taking acting classes that helped me build my confidence. But there was still a lot of work to be done! My harmful mindset followed me into adulthood. When I would get excited about a business opportunity, I’d go all in. Then, if things got too tough, I would bail on the whole thing because I didn’t feel I was good enough to succeed.

I didn’t start seeing my personal success right away. It took a lot of failed attempts before I understood that the key was inside me all along. I needed a mindset adjustment. When that happened, I truly found empowerment.

Looking back on my life now, I can see how so many of my previous experiences worked together to build me into who I am today. The failure, the struggle and the stress all taught me grit and determination.

Empowerment is a process that builds off of all the experiences you have had in the past. Remind yourself that nothing is a wasted experience! And the best part? Your empowerment never stops growing. There is no limit to what you can achieve.

2. Empowerment gives you freedom and power. Once you start on your journey to empowerment freedom will follow. Freedom to be who you truly were meant to be. So often people don’t embrace their full potential because the fear of what others will think distracts them.

Living an empowered life means that you can embrace the things you love without fear. It means stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing your full potential. (Click here if you want to learn how to step out of your comfort zone!)

Discover who you are and what you love to do and freedom will embrace you.

3. Empowerment reveals your passion. If you could do anything in the world, what would it be? Whatever your answer is, that is your passion. Your passion may not be your full-time job, but that’s okay! It doesn’t mean you can’t pursue it. Sadly, most people don’t even attempt their passion as a hobby!

Start by going after your passion in your spare time. Make time each week to work on what fills your soul with joy. You never know what it could turn into! So often we end up not following our passions because we create excuses for ourselves. We think we don’t have time, or that we aren’t good enough. These are lies. Don’t allow them space in your life!

What I’ve learned is that when you pursue what you are passionate about, you are going to be way more successful than if you pursue something you’re not passionate about. You’re going to work harder and be more committed. Passion drives people.

When you empower yourself and believe in your freedom and power to choose, you can pursue your passion wholeheartedly!

4. Empowerment gives you control over your future. Now that you have broken down the internal barriers, you’ve embraced freedom and you’ve discovered your passion, your future is open for you to make what you want from it. You can truly thrive in your journey to empowerment and the doors are wide open.

My journey to empowerment started many years ago and it is still going. I am constantly growing and learning new things about myself that empower me more each day. I have discovered new passions that were always inside of me but I’m only embracing now.

This is the way to live a life that connects your body, mind and spirit and fills you with joy.

Connect the Dots

Begin the journey to empowerment today by writing down one thing that is blocking you from being your authentic self. Acknowledge that this is an area of your life that needs to be worked on. The first step to empowerment is recognizing what needs to change. 

Imagine how you would act without this blockage in your life. What would you do differently? Would it affect the way you speak, act or engage with others? Put at least one of these changes into practice and take note of the difference. 

Do you feel your confidence, freedom and power building? This is the process of empowerment starting to take place in your life. Welcome to the journey!

Decide. Commit. Succeed!

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