How to Connect with Others, Authentically

On this week’s episode of the Million Dollar Monday Show I talked about the importance of Authenticity and how you can step out of fear and into boldness (if you missed the show, you can watch it here).

This week I want to take that thought a bit further and look into ways in which we can not only be authentic with ourselves but also with others.  Being authentic with yourself and with others and not letting fear get in the way is true freedom.

When you are connecting with others authentically, your relationships will flourish. An inauthentic person won’t have lasting friendships because people can sense a lack of authenticity. To be authentic means that you aren’t doing something for the sake of getting something in return, it means you are connecting with other people because you genuinely care about who they are as a person.

Here are three ways that you can authentically connect with people to build trust and friendship.

1. Give genuine compliments

People will open up and be more willing to connect with you when you give them a compliment. It’s a boost and feels like a win for them, they feel good and this always helps break down any barriers. The key here is to give a compliment that is genuine. If your compliment is given but you don’t really believe it or you’re just giving it to get something, that is not authentic. Only give genuine compliments.

2. Listen, listen, listen

Listening to others and I mean genuinely listening is key to building authentic relationships. Asking questions to a friend or someone you want to connect with is the first step, but staying focused while they tell you the answer is the next step! People can always tell if you’re not really listening or if you’re losing interest. It takes practice to listen well but people will appreciate you for it!

3. Show you care

I’ve found that one of the best ways to connect with people is to show you care either by remembering something important they’ve told you, or getting them a little gift to show you were thinking about them. No matter what you do, if you show people you care about them they will notice. I like to try and give people unique gifts that relate to a funny memory or fun moment we shared together.

If gifts aren’t your thing, try showing someone you care by helping them with a project or spend some quality time with them. You never know how these small acts of kindness can really make an impact and help them on their journey to authenticity.

I’d love to hear about your authentic journey, just leave a message in the comments below!

Connect the Dots

Pick one of the three things listed above and put it into practice this week. Watch how people respond to you. What changes did you notice? How has your boldness grown? Connect with your authentic self by building connections with others. Be genuine and find freedom.

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