A Special Sneak Peak for Blog Readers -The Bathrobes and Bathrooms Giveaway Contest Prize

On Monday I started the Bathrobes and Bathrooms Christmas Giveaway Contest and today could be your lucky day to win!

Each day I’m posting a special gift that is either from Million Dollar Bathrobe or Monat. Or both!

I love doing giveaways because it brightens someone’s day. I love Christmas because we have so many opportunities to give gifts to each other and I wanted to contribute to that by doing the 12 days of giveaway.

Today’s Prize is a Million Dollar Bathrobe Notebook & Pop-socket and Monat’s Berry Refined Scrub.

To Enter you will need to:
1. Like the post of the day
2. Tag 3 friends
3. Answer the Christmas question

Each day there will be a unique Christmas question and each day you will have a chance to win!

Special Sneak Peak for Blog Readers

If you’re reading this blog, I’m going to give you a very special sneak peak into the next 3 gifts that will be posted from Thursday – Saturday. You can see what the prizes will be before anybody else!!

Ready to get a sneak peak on the next 3 prizes??

Just click on the “subscribe” tab of the blog and enter your email address. You will get an email with the next 3 prizes and  on top of that, I’ll send you a sneak peak next week of 3 more prizes (including our grand prize!)! That’s 6 sneak peaks in total!

If you subscribe today you will automatically be entered into the giveaway draw every single day for the next 3 days.  You won’t need to do anything else. You could be the next winner!

Want to find out now what the prizes will be?

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