Merry Christmas and a Short Reflection

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with your family and loved ones.

Some inspiration for you to reflect on as you go about your day today: What fills you with the most joy?

I love answering this question because it tells me a lot about myself. We all have something that gives us more joy than anything else.

For me, it’s my connection with others. Seeing my kids beyond excited for Christmas this morning brings me so much joy. Spending quality time with Tim and my family is a gift I am forever grateful for. Connecting with my team and meeting new people when I speak all bring me joy. I can’t wait for the year ahead and the new connections I’ll make.

What is your one thing that brings you joy? Reflect on that today and spend a moment in gratitude that you can experience that joy.

If you feel your joy is weak this year, reflect on this too. For some people the holidays are a difficult time of year and it’s better to recognize where you’re at and be okay with it than ignore those feelings. We are meant to feel and that’s a good thing. It’s what makes us who we are!

Look ahead to the year to come as a new opportunity to find joy. What blockages can we remove that are make it difficult to connect to a life we love? In the year ahead we’ll dive deeper into this question and discover new ways to remove those blockages.

I’m looking forward to the start of a brand new year next week where we can continue the journey together!

A very Merry Christmas to you all!

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