Empowering Others In the New Year

Happy New Year!! It’s 2020!! The start of a new decade, like, whaaaaat?! I can hardly believe it.

 I’m keeping this short just to give you some inspiration to reflect on in the new year.

I want to talk about what you can do in the new year to not only find empowerment for yourself, but also help encourage empowerment in others. It is important to start the empowerment process in yourself and also turn towards helping others find it too. We are all better if we can empower each other. 

Here are some helpful things to remember as you start helping others on their empowerment journey.

1. Find Someone Who Needs Empowerment Right Now Is there someone you know right now who can benefit from some encouragement as they work towards gaining freedom? Maybe they need to hear that there is freedom out there for them first. Some people know that freedom exists but they just don’t think that it can be attainable for them.

You can be that person in their life who tells them that it is possible and they can take control of their life. Be the catalyst that spurs on their own empowerment journey! Think of one person today that you would like to share this good news with.

2. Walk With Them After When people are just getting started in their empowerment journey, sometimes they’ll need an extra cheerleader. It can be hard and sometimes scary to step out of what is comfortable and having a friend is always nice. When you encourage others to empower them, continue to walk with them.

3. Help Them Empower Others Too After you’ve walked with someone in their empowerment journey, encourage them to empower others as well. Empower others and let it spread!

How to Empower Someone It’s a big word and an even bigger task! You can empower someone by encouraging them, helping them learn a new skill to become more independent, or by sharing new opportunities with them to step out of their comfort zone! When you walk with someone to empowerment, you are giving them guidance and help along the way, not just leaving them to figure it out on their own. 

Empower those in your life and let them empower you too. It’s not a one way street so be open to opportunities where you can improve. Empowerment just means that you have come to the realization that you can achieve success and you’re taking action towards that! 

Connect the Dots

Spend time at the beginning of this new year to think of ways that you can encourage and empower someone else and what areas in your life where you could use more empowerment yourself. Use your Million Dollar Bathrobe Notebook (on sale now in the shop!) to write down your thoughts and reflections. 


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