How to Focus Well

If you watched the Million Dollar Monday Show from this week, you’ll know all about how to get your focus back and how to remember your “why”. If you didn’t catch that episode, you can find it in the Feel Like a Million FB group which is free to join!

After you’ve reflected on your why, how do you keep that why in your focus? Being able to focus well is a mindset. Here are a few tips of things I do to stay focused on what matters most.

Focus on the positive. What you choose to focus your time and energy on will become your reality. Choose to focus on things that are positive and it will attract more of the same thing.

Being focused requires focus. You can’t focus well if you are distracted or if you’e too busy. It’s takes discipline to focus well and be intentional about it. Don’t let little distractions get in the way.

Focus on the day ahead. Once you’ve decided what you want to work towards, make goals that will keep you moving in the day to day. Write down what you will do each day. Focusing on what is manageable can keep you motivated as you make small wins each day.

Remember the big picture but don’t focus on it. You’ll need to remind yourself of the bigger picture of why you’re doing what you’re doing. It can be easy to forget when you get caught up in the day to day so please, take a step back every now and then and admire the big picture that you’re creating! Appreciate it, and then go back to working on the small pieces that are being put into place to complete that big picture.

If you know your why and you keep remembering it, your focus will always stay on track. Part of the reason why we lose our focus is because we forget that we had something to focus on in the first place. Take time to be positive, determined and goal crushing and you’ll find it easier and easier to focus well!

Connect the Dots

Write down 5 things that are positive in your life right now. Focusing on the positive is a great way to attract more positivity into your life. What you focus on will become your reality. 

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