Seeing the Other Perspective

How many times have you been listening to someone, only to realize that you weren’t really listening to what they were saying, you were just thinking about what you’re going to say in response? This used to happen to me all the time!!

I don’t think I’m the only one.

In order to start listening for the sake of the other person, we need to start putting ourselves in their shoes and try to view things from their perspective. Doing this helps you to care deeply for others without expecting anything back from them. You can value them and their opinion because it truly means a lot to you to hear them share their thoughts.

Seeing from someone else’s perspective will build trust and openness. The other person will appreciate you for your understanding and will share more with you in the future. People don’t want to be shut down all the time so finding someone who will truly listen is a very special thing.

Look for ways to be more understanding this week and practice your listening skills too. If you are talking to someone and you can’t understand why they would think a certain way, put yourself in their shoes and try to see it from their perspective. If you still can’t understand, ask them to clarify and be willing to listen and open to learning.

You don’t need to change your mind on things, but being able to see things from other views is a great way to become a more well rounded individual who can express their own thoughts better.

Connect the Dots

Talk to one person this week without interrupting them at all. Focus on what they are saying and not what you’re going to say next. How did this help you change the way you interacted with the person? Did you learn anything new from them? Write down what you noticed and what worked well for you.

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