Healthy Habits in a Time of Uncertainty

In order to make room for new, positive energy there needs to be a removal of old, negative energy.

Right now when fear is gripping us all and the future seems very uncertain, it is important to remember to still put this into practice. So how do you let go of fear and embrace peace when everything and everyone around you is screaming the opposite?

Here are a few things I’ve been doing that I have found helpful. They’ve helped calm my anxiety and have given me a clear mind to focus on taking care of the kids and making the next few weeks as smooth as possible.

1. Eating Well

This might not be at the top of your priority list right now as we’ve all been stocking up and preparing for the upcoming weeks but continuing to eat healthy, nutritious meals will keep your mind clear and help you to sort out the negative thoughts. Healthy meals are necessary in order to maintain a healthy immune system too!

2. Take a Break by Yourself
If you’re like me you might be feeling a bit stir crazy being cooped up in the house with the kids all the time. It may feel like you just can’t get away. Try to get some moments to yourself for at least 1 hour a day. If that means splitting it up into shorter chunks, that’s fine too! Go for a walk if possible. If that isn’t possible, stand near an open window or on your balcony to get fresh air. Take deep, long breaths to remind you that this is your break.

3. Keep High Traffic Areas Clean
This is a big one that still to this day doesn’t always happen in our house but after our cleaning jobs last week I really noticed how big of a difference this can make in your mental health. When you walk into a room that is messy or disorganized, it doesn’t give you a relaxed, calm feeling. You’ll just focus on the messes and the things you need to get done around the house. Try creating a daily cleaning chore for each of your children to do. Try setting aside 15 minutes each day as a family to do chores and tidy up. Notice the difference that 15 minutes can make in keeping important areas clean! It’s not about keeping every area of the house spotless, but it helps a lot when areas like the kitchen are managed regularly.

4. Take It Day By Day
Remember – you don’t have to do everything right now. Take each day one step at a time and don’t worry if you don’t get it all done. If you are working from home try taking out two pieces of paper and write “High Priority” and “Low Priority” on the top. Then divide your to-do list into these two categories. When you sit down to work you’ll be more productive because you’ll know which things to focus on first. After you finish your high priority tasks, then you can move on to lower priority tasks. Scaling back and doing the things that are important to maintain without adding extra to your plate is an helpful way to stay calm and stress less.

What have you been doing to reduce anxiety and work efficiently at home? I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips! Comment below!

Connect the Dots

A clear mind leads to clear focus. Choose one thing that you can do today from the list above to start working towards a clearer mind. 

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