The Savouring Challenge

When we first started practicing self isolation and the kids were home from school 24/7, I did what any normal human being would not do. I signed up for an online course!

As if I wasn’t busy enough already!

I know it sounds totally crazy but it actually has been the #1 thing keeping me positive and peaceful here in week 3 of quarantine.

I’m taking the things I’m learning and bringing them right to you. I want to share what I’m learning.

For the next four weeks, I’m doing what I like to call a Savouring Challenge. I’m starting it next Monday!

Savouring is a mindfulness exercise that helps us become aware of the experiences around us and to really feel them deeply. We must savour what life offers us, even the small things.

For me, that means savouring each bite of my favourite flavour of ice cream (it’s heavenly hash by the way), or savouring the sound of the birds in the trees or the children laughing on the trampoline. It means savouring the cold air on my face while out on a bike ride or the happy tears that come with it.

It has made me excited about life because suddenly even the little things we often forget about become little gifts that we can savour. No matter what the news brings us, we can still choose to savour the good moments.

Whatever you are doing in any moment, savour it.

When we rewire our brain to think that way, we’re choosing to think about the good things we are experiencing. It’s a way to feel grateful for what’s around us.

I’m starting my Savouring Challenge next week and I got thinking… would you like to join me?!

I’ve already noticed a change in my thinking because of this course and I’d love for you to get the same value.

If you join me on the 4 week challenge, I will send you a short quiz that will tell you where your happiness levels are at right now. Every week for 4 weeks I’ll send you an email with things to think about and focus on as you Savour. At the end of the 4 weeks, you take that same quiz again to see what kinds of changes happened and how the challenge helped rewire your mindset.

It is up to you how much or how little you do. The quizzes are not required but I think they will be a fun way to track your progress!

So are you interested?? Would you like to take up the challenge with me this month?

Sign up to join me today and we’ll get started next Monday! Click below to join the challenge.

Join me!


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