Top 3 Reasons Why The Habit of Savouring Can Boost Your Mood Right Now

If you’ve been following my social media at all, you may have noticed that I’ve started a 4 week Savouring Challenge for the month of April. Last week on the blog I talked about why I am doing this challenge and how you can sign up for free to join me.

And you can still join even though we’ve started! (Link at the end of the blog)

This week’s blog is about the 3 reasons why this challenge is going to help so much right now. It’s not going to solve the global pandemic problem but it can help you see some light in the midst of everything.

But first, what is savouring?

Savouring is a mindfulness exercise where you intentionally take a mental step out of an experience to appreciate it while it is happening.

All you have to do is take a moment to reflect on why something makes you happy. Pause and feel thankful for that happiness. Savouring doesn’t have to be done in big moments. The small things can be the best things to savour.

Here’s why.

1. Savouring helps us remember the good things in life. Not everything is bad right now. I think we can all agree that there are moments of joy in each day, we just have to go looking for them. The good things in life can be anything. For me, my savouring moment today was watching my boys play together. I snapped this photo of them because it made me so happy to see them working together on a project.

2. Helps us stay in the moment. Savouring will get your mind off of the current events and into the moment. When you’re savouring, you’re focused on that one particular moment and reflecting on why it makes you happy. It can help ground you to the present and remind you that there is more to life than just the news. Appreciate the peace and calm that arises from this reminder.

3. It makes us more thankful. When you stop to notice the small things that are making you happy, you are choosing to express gratitude. When you savour everyday you are also being thankful every day. Make this a habit in your daily life and watch gratitude grow too.

Savouring can boost your mood right now because it reminds us that there are so many things to be grateful for right now and so many ways to experience happiness.

You don’t have to ignore your sadness or anxiety in order to practice savouring. Those are very real emotions and they shouldn’t be disregarded either. The point of savouring is not to get you to forget all your problems, it’s about choosing what to focus on.

If you’d like to choose what you focus on, you can still join the savouring challenge! It’s never too late to start a good habit. Sign up and you’ll get an email with what to do to get started along with some fun resources I created to track your progress! Sign up here.

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