Clearing Away Negative Energy

We all know how it feels to be cooped up for hours and hours on end with our kids, our pets, or our significant other in the house. It can be exhausting and hard to keep up with the cooking, cleaning, and work around the house, especially when kids are running around.

But did you know that this can also cause a build up of energy in the house too?

I’ve been learning all about Energetic Sweeping lately. It’s the idea that we should be sweeping out and cleaning up any negative energy from a space at the start of each morning. It’s a way to reset the space and leave it open to new, positive energy.

I’ve been reading about it lately on this blog I follow here and I love the reminder it gives us. Now that we’re all stuck indoors and are in a closed space, there is a lot of residual energy within our homes. We all know how dirty our houses can get if we don’t clean. When you’re always in a space without actively cleaning it out, it piles up quickly. Just like a dirty house, we can create a build up of energy that needs to be cleaned too.

Sweeping can be a physical reminder of that. When you consciously clean away the negative energy and leave a space open for new, positive energy to come in, you are setting yourself up for a good day. Doing this each morning at the same time can create a routine that leads to more peace and balance in your life.

I talked about a few other ways to clear out negative energy in your home and in yourself on my Million Dollar Monday Show. I talked about making salt bowls, grounding yourself, releasing past resentments and a few other things I love to do on a regular basis to make sure my energy is continually being cleaned out and renewed.

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Connect the Dots

Watch the Million Dollar Monday Show and choose one energy exercise that you will put into practice this week. Intentionally think about releasing negative energy and welcoming in positive energy. Notice how it changes your week. 

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