The Top 5 Benefits of Time Blocking with Free Worksheet Download!

When I was first starting my business, I didn’t have a healthy routine. I was constantly spreading myself thin with many many different things on the go all at the same time and it was slowly wearing me down. I learned about time blocking and that’s when things started to improve for me. I want to share some of the things I learned along the way.

If you’re not familiar with what time-blocking is, I’d highly recommend that you go and watch my video on this topic.

Benefit #1: Your productivity and focus go way up. Have you ever been working and you’ve got 10 tabs open and 9 of them are just distractions (I’m looking at you social media!) When you’ve blocked in time to do a certain task for 30 minutes. You are going to be a lot more motivated to get that work done in those 30 minutes because that’s all the time you’ve got! If you know you have endless amounts of time, it’s a lot less likely that you’ll get something done quickly and efficiently. When you put a time limit on your work you’ll find a way to stay focused during that time and when you finish the task, you’ll be feeling pretty productive and ready to tackle the next thing.

Benefit #2: Your thoughts will be less scattered. Having a lot of distractions doesn’t just make it hard to focus, it makes your thoughts feel like you can’t quite settle on the job you’re doing at the moment. You mind wanders easily as you try to remember all the other things you want to get done in a day. When you know you’ve got all your work slotted into your calendar, you can take that load off your mind because you won’t be trying to remember every little thing, it’s all organized in your calendar and you know exactly when you’ll get to it. This can include things like cleaning the house or doing the dishes. If you know what time it’s going to get done in your day, the moments that you’ve set aside for self-care will be that much more relaxing because you won’t have to feel guilty about work around the house. It’s got a time slot and you’ll get working on it when that time comes! Now, go enjoy that bath and let yourself full relax!

Benefit #3: Learn leadership skills as you delegate. There are sometimes a lot of tasks that we put on ourselves that, in reality, someone else could probably be doing. If you have a few too many things on your plate, see if you can delegate small but time consuming tasks if appropriate. Maybe your kids can help you fold laundry or do a chore, or you can ask a team member to help out with a large project. Whatever it is, try finding ways that you can release some of the unnecessary stress of doing everything yourself. This is a great leadership lesson!

Benefit #4: You’ll be more organized and more present. When you regularly set aside time to be with your family or friends, or doing a hobby you love, you’ll be filling yourself up. You’ll be more present in those moments because your brain will be able to focus completely on the fun activity you’ve chosen to do. You won’t need to be thinking about work and you can fully enjoy the things that mean the most to you.

Benefit #5: You’ll actually have time for your priorities. If you know what your priorities are, your “non-negotiables” will be firmly in place in your calendar. When your priorities are in place, you won’t run out of time for what’s most important. Other things will fit around these priorities and you’ll feel happier knowing that you’re making time for the right things!

These benefits all come from setting a good time-blocked schedule. If you’re not sure where to start or how to do this, join us online at the time-blocking exercise to go through a special worksheet I created just for you! We’ll work through the worksheet together and it will help you get started with your own time-blocking routine.

Connect the Dots

We had a time blocking exercise this week in my Feel Like a Million Facebook community. If you missed it, you can join for free today and watch the replay (it’s pinned as an announcement in the group!)

If you want a copy of the worksheet that we went through, you can get that download here.

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