Hey Millionaire!

My name is Amy Murphy, CEO and Founder of Million Dollar Bathrobe. I started Million Dollar Bathrobe because I believe you were made to win.

Feel Like a Million is the official Million Dollar Bathrobe blog where I write a weekly post with ways that you can start building connections in your life. A lot of it draws from my experiences and the things I’ve learned along the way.

True and deep happiness doesn’t live outside of ourselves.  It is not to be “discovered” or created.  It already lives within you.  The key is connecting to it.  Million Dollar Bathrobe is here to help you find those connections in your own life.

Let’s journey together and build the connections to a life that you love.

See you soon!


Amy lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband Tim and three beautiful children – Logan, Liam and Eva. She loves connecting with people and helping build self-confidence in others. This blog was started to help people realize that they can dream big and live life abundantly.