Now I’m in Toronto! (Can you say crazy travel schedule?!)

Last week this time I was in Las Vegas. I went home for a few days and now I’m in Toronto for more training. CRAAAZY!! I’m in Toronto for Director’s training and there is a wall in the Toronto headquarters with all of the Canadian Directors for Monat. Read More… Continue reading Now I’m in Toronto! (Can you say crazy travel schedule?!)

Fearless Freedom

Don’t let fear rob you of joy. I think I can end my blog post with just that simple sentence! This has been something that has been on my mind for a LONG time but it’s something that I think everyone needs to be reminded of, even though we all know it’s true. It is so easy to not try new things or never go certain places or not start a new business because of the FEAR that is associated but when you don’t do things simply because you are afraid of them, you also don’t experience the joy that can be associated with overcoming your fears….Read More Continue reading Fearless Freedom