Mistaking Opportunities for Coincidences

I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in opportunities. Take a look at these two definitions: Coincidences can become opportunities! Every moment is an opportunity. When we make the mistake and think that things happen by coincidence, we don’t make the most of a situation and we miss the opportunity to grow, learn or succeed….

Gratitude With A Twist

Last Thursday I held an event called Gratitude With A Twist with a new friend of mine, Juanita Shay. Juanita Shay is the author of a book called “One Million Gratitudes Exchange Movement”. I was so inspired by her book and her desire to see the world transformed into a better place that after I…

Now I’m in Toronto! (Can you say crazy travel schedule?!)

Last week this time I was in Las Vegas. I went home for a few days and now I’m in Toronto for more training. CRAAAZY!! I’m in Toronto for Director’s training and there is a wall in the Toronto headquarters with all of the Canadian Directors for Monat. Read More…

I’m in Vegas!

Tim and I have been at the Go Pro event in Las Vegas with Eric Worre and thousands of other network marketers this week and it has been an energizing couple days!! I love being in a huge arena full of people who do the same thing as me, but in all sorts of different ways. Read More…

Travel Time!

Tim and I are going to a Leadership Training Session for Monat Directors in Miami, Florida for a long weekend! I plan to post a detailed post about what we learned from some of the meetings when I return. This is an exciting trip because we’ll be going without the kids and there are not…

Freedom that Lasts

Let me start off with a question for you: where does your freedom come from?  Does your freedom come when you have the ability to buy what you want when you want? I believe freedom can look differently for everyone…Read More


This past weekend while Tim and I were in South Carolina, we had the privilege of speaking to a group of Monat team members about what it means to set goals, CRUSH goals… Read More

And We’re Off…AGAIN!

As I am writing this, Tim, Eva and I are sitting on a plane for a 5 day trip to South Carolina and Georgia. In South Carolina we are going to be doing some more leadership training for 4 days and then we will be going to Georgia for a day to spread the love…Read More